Print Your Own Money

Monopoly money that is… the Monopoly site over at Hasbro has Monopoly money in PDF format that you can print yourself.

Wish I had this when I was a kid…

Wow! I had no idea you could buy liquid nitrogen on the web. There’s a long list of stuff I’d like to freeze, just to see what happens. I ran across this bit of information while reading about using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream.

James Gleick on Spam

Another one of my favorite authors, James Gleick (whose works include Chaos: Making a New Science, Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman, Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything, What Just Happened: A Chronicle from the Electronic Frontier, and his latest – a biography of Isaac Newton ) doesn’t update his site frequently, […]

Blogging from Space

NASA astronaut Ed Lu is writing his weblog while stationed aboard the International Space Station. There’s even a page where you can send a question to Ed or his crewmate, Russian Cosmonaut

How tp Photograph Fireworks

From the New York Institute of Photography: How to photograph fireworks.


The official String Theory Web Site.

Telephone Technology

Everything you’d ever want to know about telephones is available on the telephone technology page – and I mean EVERYTHING.

25 Years of x86

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the x86 CPU. On this day in 1978 Intel introduced the 5MHz 8086. The original 8086 was built with 29,000 transistors, compared to today’s 3GHz Pentium 4 processor with about 100 million transistors (and approximately 600 times faster than the 8086). Intel has sold over 1 billion x86-family processors.

SETI@home Signal Candidates

After nearly four years of processing, SETI@home selected 227 of their top candidate signals for re-examination, and they’ve published a list of the 7000 users (out of more 4.5 million users) who had processed one of the candidate signals – here’s mine.

More Paintings

Once again, I’d fallen behind in keeping Michele’s web site up to date… Her 3 latest paintings The Piano, Inconsequential, and Sante Fe Floral have now been added to the site.

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