With the release of Konfabulator for Windows, I’ve been tinkering around with building a few widgets of my own. I’d like to be able to monitor the servers and systems I take care of, and to quickly be able to see when there’s a problem requiring my attention. I’ll probably also take a look at […]

Power Outages and Lessons Learned

We tend to have a lot of power outages here in Anchorage – sometimes due to wet, heavy snow, but more frequently it’s from colliding weather systems sending strong winds down the mountains (often 100 mph or greater). There didn’t seem to be anything that severe last week, but I noticed the lights flickering and […]

What’s up with QRIO and ASIMO?

It’s been an unusually long time since there has been anything new on either the Sony QRIO or Honda ASIMO – I wonder what they’re up to? Does anyone have any recent updates on either??