It’s still in trial-mode, but audblog let’s you post an audio file to your weblog from any phone.

History of Windows

Two pieces documenting the history of Windows: from Microsoft the Windows Operating Systems Family History , and from SuperSite for Windows an interview with Mark Lucovsky and David Thompson, two of the key figures in the development of Windows NT.

Just Doing Their Duty

Some thoughts on the Columbia disaster from Buzz Aldrin: Just Doing Their Duty and Fear and Flying .

The Neighbors

While exploring the Professional Cartoonists Index mentioned in my last posting I ran across the link to the cartoons of David Horsey. Long ago, while attending the University of Washington I lived in a house off campus, and David lived in the house next door along with a couple of other students, Peter Rinearson and […]

Professional Cartoonists Index

Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index has editorial cartoons from over 100 American and 90 international cartoonists. There are also special collections for things such as the Columbia Tragedy, 2002 Year in Review, and Saddammit! The Best New Saddam Cartoons.

The Brave … And The Doomed?

Amid all of the other stories about the Columbia disaster, there’s a story over at CBS News entitled The Brave … And The Doomed? in which legal analyst Andrew Cohen asks some difficult questions about how much NASA officials may have known about damage suffered during liftoff, and decisions that might have been made about […]

Carry On

A Gallup Poll conducted on Sunday February 2, 2003 almost exactly mirrors a similar poll from 1986 after the Challenger disaster, with 82% saying that the manned space shuttle program should continue. Clearly, people were not surprised by Saturdays Columbia accident, with 71% responding that they thought something like this would happen again in their […]


I haven’t posted anything, because I’ve found it hard to come up with anything that hasn’t been said a thousand times before…. Here are a number of reports: CNN, CBS News, MSNBC,,, and NASA. This is my favorite picture of Columbia.

EW’s Top 25 Simpsons Episodes

In honor of the Simpsons‘ 300th episode, Entertainment Weekly has posted their list of the top 25 Simpsons episodes, as well as the the worst one.