Updates for Michele

I finally got around to adding five new paintings to Michele’s site: Food for Thought, Teapot & Stripes, Crystal & Cherries, Lemons & Iris, and The Note. Did I also forget to mention her article in the May issue of The Artists Magazine?!?!?!?

No More Exploding Cows

No more exploding cows in the Alps!


Ever wondered what a million pennies would look like? How about a billion? Or a trillion, quadrillion or quintillion?? Reminds me of a Borg cube. Courtesy of the MegaPenny Project.

Stuff I want #2

Stuff I want #2 – 5-pound block of Silly Putty.

Stuff I want #1

Stuff I want #1 – LEGO Mosaic. One of the nice things about being an adult is that you can buy just about any toy you want!

Increasing Clouds

As I said, it never fails! Another X-class solar flare and it’s cloudy here. I may have to move out of Alaska to see the Northern Lights…

Stair Diving

Stair diving – complete with instructions and video clips. Disturbing.