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setpixel.com – fantastic Flash work with souce code.

Serious LEGO

Serious LEGO, including a Rubik’s Cube solver.

Candy Hearts

Create your own candy hearts.


Dartfish is the company that makes SimulCam™, the software being used during the Winter Olympics to show atheletes competing side-by-side, and StroMotion™ that displays a sequence of images composited on the same background. Seeing those technologies at work made we wonder about some of the other interesting things I’ve seen on TV recently, like the […]

National Pancake Week

February 21-27 is National Pancake Week – let the festivities begin!!

20:02, 20/02, 2002

At 8.02pm on Wednesday, February 20 the clock will read 20:02, 20/02, 2002.

40 CPU Years

My SETI@home contribution just passed 40 years of CPU time!


I was looking for W3Schools last night, but couldn’t remember the site name (now it’s preserved here for posterity).


Shakeitbabe – some great coding!

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