I’ve been reading Matt’s PVRblog from the beginning (way, way back in July), and his recent postings on TiVo’s “Apple problem” are interesting, mostly because I’ve had the same thoughts cross my mind. I definitely get the impression that the folks at TiVo care just as much about doing things right as Apple does, but […]


Kinda like a UK version of Think Geek, BoysStuff has some fun toys – with categories like desktop gadgets, flying stuff and radio control. I especially like the Twister duvet cover. It’s definitely not just for boys.

Squirt Gun Museum

Aale van der Veen has been collecting waterguns for over eighteen years now, and there are more than a 1000 different items in his collection over at the Digital Watergun Museum.

JavaScript Search

Looking for JavaScript for handling mouseovers or cookies? JavaScript 2 claims to search the top JavaScript libraries with over 8,000 free scripts.