Show and Tell

I had written earlier about my 4-year old friend Jack’s fascination with the Mars rovers, and got this report from his mother about Jack taking the rover model I bought him to preschool for show and tell (although I guess these days they call it “sharing”): Jack began his presentation by doing his impression of the airbag-encased […]

Scott Adams for President

Scott Adams declares his candidacy for President of the United States.

Carl Sagan Day

Today is Carl Sagan Day. Of all of his books, my favorite has to be The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, followed closely by Contact.  


Honda ann0unced an all-new ASIMO robot – faster, lighter, and able to operate more autonomously than previous models (yet managing to preserve the same fascinating/creepy feel). But what I find even more interesting, buried down near the bottom of the press release, there is a mention of the U3-X, a compact one-wheel-drive mobility device. According to […]

Nest Learning Thermostat

I ordered my Nest Learning Thermostat on the day it was announced, and then started receiving email status updates with dates creeping into 2012, so I was especially happy to get an update today with a more definitive shipping date of 3 weeks from now. Can’t wait to start playing with this new toy! Of […]