Scott Adams for President

Scott Adams declares his candidacy for President of the United States.

World Polio Day

Today is World Polio Day, which marks the birthday of Jonas Salk, the creator of the polio vaccine in 1955. Since that discovery, polio diagnoses around the world have decreased by 99%. The Gates Foundation has donated $355 million to finish the job, with a goal of raising an additional $200 million from people around […]

Back after a long hiatus

Whew! That’s the longest I’ve been away since this site was established more than 5 years ago. Posting should once again be much more frequent. One of the reasons I’ve been away was that I got really tired of dealing with comment spam, but I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading to the most recent version […]

For Michele

Happy anniversary – here’s a song for you!

A link for Dave

To help get him started with his Google listing, a link to The IRFgroup.

Brian owes me, again

One more time, here’s a free link for Brian: free people search online.


Although the English section of the ZMP website hasn’t been updated yet, you can find pictures of their prototype Nuvo robot in the Japanese section. It’s expected to sell for about $4,600. My first impression is that it’s nowhere near Asimo or Qrio.

Degree Confluence Project

The Degree Confluence Project is attempting to collect photos taken at the intersection of each whole-degree line of latitude and longitude (at least those on land). Check the world map (with pop-up images) to see what’s been completed. So far, they only have 17 photos from Alaska, which is understandable considering how difficult it was […]

Things that make life online a little better

Over the past six months I’ve discovered, out of necessity, a few tools and services that have made life online a just a little more bearable. I didn’t realize how much I love the Google Toolbar popup blocker until I used someone else’s computer. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a popup ad, […]

More New Paintings

Once again, I’ve fallen behind in updating Michele’s web site. Her three most recent works continue her transition from transparent watercolors to gouache: The Conversation, Consequences and The Supper Club.

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