Mostly Cloudy

It never fails – seems that every time there’s a bunch of solar activity it’s cloudy here, and we miss the great aurora displays. Oh well, here are some links for the rest of you to check out: NOAA POES Auroral Activity, Hourly STD DMSP/POLAR Auroral Activity Report, IPS Real-Time Space Weather Status.

More Babelfish Languages

Babelfish has added translation to/from Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Cheney’s Heart Monitor

Keep an eye on the Vice President’s heart.

Prime Curios

Prime Curios – an exciting collection of prime number curiosities, integer wonders, amusing factorizations, and surprising trivia. Find out what’s so interesting about 313 or 9999999900000001.

Free Taco!

I can’t wait to claim my free taco!

Galileo Extension

NASA has extended the Galileo mission for another 2 years, so we can hope to see more great pictures like this one of Io (my favorite Jovian moon).

Apollo Customs Declaration

Here’s the customs declaration form filed in Honolulu by the crew of Apollo 11 to bring their moon rock and dust samples into the U.S.

MPL Found?

There’s a story over at that claims that the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) may have located the Mars Polar Lander which was thought to have crash-landed on Mars back in January 2000. NIMA normally processes images from spy satellites for the Department of Defense.

Goddards First Launch

The space age began 75 years ago today when Robert Goddard launched his first rocket.

Shuttle Piggyback

Here’s a fantastic photo of the space shuttle Columbia returning to the Kennedy Space Center on the back of it’s 747 carrier.

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