Thirty-Meter Telescope Funded

Caltech’s Thirty Meter Telescope (formerly known as the California Extremely Large Telescope) has received $17.5 million for a detailed design study from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Construction of the observatory at a yet undetermined site in Hawaii, Chile, or Mexico could be completed by 2012.

How much is inside?

Throughout the ages, man has pondered the question, “How much is inside?“. Find out how much shaving cream or silly string is in a can, how many cups of beer in a keg, or how much filling is in a package of Oreos – or important stuff, like how many pages of porn can you […]

A Little Perspective on $87 billion

Much like the MegaPenny Project I’ve mentioned before, here’s something to help you visualize $87 billion.

Degree Confluence Project

The Degree Confluence Project is attempting to collect photos taken at the intersection of each whole-degree line of latitude and longitude (at least those on land). Check the world map (with pop-up images) to see what’s been completed. So far, they only have 17 photos from Alaska, which is understandable considering how difficult it was […]

Things that make life online a little better

Over the past six months I’ve discovered, out of necessity, a few tools and services that have made life online a just a little more bearable. I didn’t realize how much I love the Google Toolbar popup blocker until I used someone else’s computer. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a popup ad, […]