Sea Monkeys in Mourning

Harold von Braunhut, the quirky inventor/marketer who gave us Amazing Sea Monkeys and X-Ray Spexs, died November 28th at the age of 77.

Sony QRIO Movies

A lot of visitors to this site have been looking for the movies of Sony’s QRIO robot running – here you go: running clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4; throwing a ball clip5; and four QRIO’s dancing clip6. Another movie can be found here (conducting an orchestra), and two more here (balancing and falling)

The Particles of Star Trek

Can’t tell a tachyon from a metrion? Steven Grimm has a collection of particles mentioned on Star Trek as well as a form where you can submit anything he might have missed.

USB Christmas Tree Light

Just in time for Christmas Tomato Chip has a USB-powered Christmas Tree Light to brighten up your desk. Unfortunately, the model that plays music is out of stock.

TiVo #2

Michele got me a second TiVo for my birthday last week, so we’re no longer tied to the televison in the family room. The second unit has gone into our bedroom, and with the multi-room viewing feature we can watch programs recorded on either TiVo. I wanted to put a Linksys WUSB12 wireless USB network […]