Google Catalogs

New from Google: Catalog Search.

Google UseNet Archives

Google now has 20 years of the UseNet Archives online (over 700 million messages), plus a timeline chonicling events like the first mention of Microsoft, IBM PC, Macintosh, AOL, Linux, Mosaic and Netscape.

What to expect when ET calls

From The Planetary Society: What to expect when ET calls.

College Diplomas

Create your own college diploma.


Blinkenlights – celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Chaos Computer Club.

Oldest Working Lightbulb

The oldest known working lightbulb, installed in 1901, is in a Livermore, California firehouse and has it’s own webcam.

A Minor Surgical Error.

A minor surgical error.


Deepcold – secrets of the Cold War in space: 1959-1969.

Baby Elephants-

I don’t know why, but I have always loved baby elephants!

10th Anniversary of the First U.S. Web Site

Stanford celebrates the 10th anniversary of first U.S. Web site.

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