Cooking with High Voltage

Cooking with High Voltage has recipes for treats like “Pulse-Discharge Pancakes” (cooked with 22,000 volts) and “Charred Cheese Sandwiches”. Gotta get me one of those DL-1000 Electro Ranges!

The StinkyFeet Diaries

If you thought The Stinky Meat Project was disgusting, you may find that The StinkyFeet Diaries goes a little over the line…


Deception, Michele’s latest painting, has been added to her web site.

George Carlin Quote

“If you nail together two things that have never been nailed together before, somebody out there will buy one” – George Carlin

Glue of the Month

Having trouble making things stick? This to That can help you find the right glue! They also feature a glue of the month.

Harold Von Braunhut

Here’s an interview with Harold Von Braunhut, inventor of Sea-Monkeys® and X-Ray Spexs. is interesting – I especially like the Support page (but beware of Darth Paperclip!!). Still debating whether or not to upgrade to Planet Exploder 5.0…

Kite Aerial Photography

I’ve been telling myself to take up kite aerial photography as a hobby – maybe it’s time to finally do it.

Over at The you’ll find Star Dudes, a GREAT 5-minute animated version of Star Wars (in Flash 4 format). They also have The Bad Dudes Strike Back and a bunch of other films!