Safety Sign Builder

St. Claire, Inc.has a nifty web-based safety sign builder that allows you to generate your own safety signs like this one, or can choose other formats such as ANSI (with or without pictogram), hazarous material, or lockout tag. The signs are generated in PDF format, suitable for printing.

Papers by Googlers

As part of Google‘s recruiting pages (Why you should work at Google) they have a list of papers written by people now working there that cover an incredible range of topics.

99.99% of High School Seniors Can’t Read Perl

It wasn’t like this when I was in school: “Recent results from the standardized Perl Fluency Test showed that 99.99% of US high school seniors can’t read Perl. This disturbing statistic shows that American students are painfully unprepared for life after graduation.” One of many good laughs over at BBspot. Here’s another of my favorites: […]

Choosing a Search Engine

The University of Albany Libraries have a compiled a page on how to choose a search engine or directory based on what your want to search for, or how you want to specify the search criteria.

Math and the Simpsons

Dr. Andrew Nestler’s Guide to Mathematics and Mathematicians on “The Simpsons” and Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald’s

New ASIMO site

Honda has a new ASIMO web site, with more movies, and a history of Honda’s humanoid robotics work (beginning in 1986). It’s also interesting to check out the Japanese, German and Thai ASIMO sites.

Starship Dimensions

Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions provides you with scale comparisons of spacecraft from a variety of science fiction sources (just in case you’ve ever wondered how a Borg Cube stacks up to a Death Star).

Space Station Science Picture of the Day

NASA has a nice new complement to the long-running Astronomy Picture of the Day: the Space Station Science Picture of the Day.

The Springfield Alphabet

A catalog of Simpsons characters from A-Z.

A Century and a Half of Chips

This year is the150th anniversary of the potato chip – created in 1853 by chef George Crum in response to a complaint about his cooking.

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