Back after a long hiatus

Whew! That’s the longest I’ve been away since this site was established more than 5 years ago. Posting should once again be much more frequent.

One of the reasons I’ve been away was that I got really tired of dealing with comment spam, but I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading to the most recent version of Movable Type to take advantage of some of the newer spam filtering options. I did find it amusing that within minutes of doing the upgrade (and before installing any comment spam filters) there were two spam comments posted. The battle continues…..

Posted on July 31, 2005
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  1. david on August 23rd, 2008 6:24 pm

    I had similar issues with MT, then moved my comments to a third-party provider, Disqus. There is still comment spam, but it’s much less a strain on my server and easily administrated.

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