Energizer Quick Switch

Once in a while a company comes out with a product that you can’t believe hadn’t been made before. The Energizer Quick Switch flashlight is one of those – a flashlight that can be switched to accept two C, D or AA batteries. This is the perfect flashlight to add to the earthquake emergency supplies […]

40 Years of Cubes

In 1964, Bob Propst created the Action Office System, better known as the cubicle. It seemed like a good idea…

Online Machine Shop

When I was a kid, I used to dream of having a machine that would enable me to create 3D objects of my own design. Well, now it’s available online at eMachineShop.com! Using their free design software, you create the item you want, then upload the design, select a material (aluminum, steel, brass, acrylic, etc.) […]

5 Years of SETI@home

The SETI@home site lists May 17 as the 5 year anniversary of the project (although I’m listed as having registered on May 15, 1999). They’ve also just passed the 5,000,000 user mark.


Amazon‘s new search project, A9, is definitely intriguing. Apparently, it uses Google search results tied-in with related Amazon books and Google Adwords. But more than anything, I’m interested in some of the user interface goodies they’ve implemented, like the resizable columns and the site info pop-ups. Of course, the controversial feature will be the search […]

Still more QRIO clips

I found two more Sony QRIO clips – the first shows a QRIO balancing on a tilting platform, and the second shows a QRIO being knocked over and then getting back up.

QRIO Conducts an Orchestra

Sony has posted a short new QRIO movie clip – this one is a QRIO conducting the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (here’s the direct link to the clip in Realmedia format).

Free Shrimp Thanks to the Mars Rovers!

Remember when Taco Bell offered a free taco to everyone in America if the Mir spacestation crashed into a target floating in the South Pacific? (darn! It missed just to the left…..). Well, Long John Silvers has come through on their promise to give everyone a free Giant Shrimp if NASA found conclusive evidence of […]

Any player may declare a new rule at any point in the game

Just in case there’s any confusion, The Official Rules of Calvinball.


Although the English section of the ZMP website hasn’t been updated yet, you can find pictures of their prototype Nuvo robot in the Japanese section. It’s expected to sell for about $4,600. My first impression is that it’s nowhere near Asimo or Qrio.

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