Another Extension for Spirit and Opportunity

The twin Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have been given another six-month extension (which will take the mission almost a full year past the original 90-day plan following an earlier five-month extension). The rovers are just emerging from 12-day communications blackout period when Mars passed nearly behind the sun, and have also passed the […]

D Listers Unite!

Scott McNulty over at Blankbaby writes about the qualities of ‘A List’ blogs (none of which I have), and reveling in being a ‘D List’ blogger. I like his idea of having a t-shirt (or something), but like him, no one reads this so the chances are VERY slim. Besides, one of the top qualities […]

Energizer Quick Switch

Once in a while a company comes out with a product that you can’t believe hadn’t been made before. The Energizer Quick Switch flashlight is one of those – a flashlight that can be switched to accept two C, D or AA batteries. This is the perfect flashlight to add to the earthquake emergency supplies […]