Space Elevator

A while back, I posted a story about the feasibilty of building a space elevator that would enable you to just “ride” up into space. Well, here’s another story over at discussing how it just might be possible…

LEGO Moviemaker

I wish I’d seen this before Christmas! The LEGO & Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set is a mini LEGO movie studio complete with a USB movie camera. The software included lets you create stop-action animation, add dialogue and credits, make sound effects and add background music, and “other tips and tricks of the trade”.

Laser Pointers

OK, so light from a laser pointer is unlikely to damage eyes, but you can still get seriously injured if you’re one of those idiots who shine them on the screens in movie theaters…

Slowing Light

A couple of British scientists have suggested that light may once have travelled many thousands of times faster than now, then slowed to its present rate of 186,282 miles per second.

OK, here’s another one –

OK, here’s another one – aurora on Jupiter.

Moving Stars

The Astronomy Picture of the Day site has a great time-lapse image showing how fast the stars near the galactic center are moving – zippin’ right along!!

500,000 CPU Years for SETI@home

SETI@home passed the 500,000 years of CPU time mark on December 16!

LEGO Stegosaurus

Speaking of LEGOs, this guy has built a Stegosaurus! It’s 14 feet long and over 6 feet tall. The builder says “If I had more space, I would’ve made a fully grown, lifesize stegosaurus…”


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