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The World’s Largest Roadside Attractions

Another Interview

This guy gets around! Another Scott McCloud interview at FEED and

Scott McCloud Interview

PopImage has an interview witth Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics.

MS Usability Group Papers

This list of published papers and presentations by Microsoft’s Usability Group has a few interesting items. Now, if they’d only get the developers at MS to read them…

Television Test Patterns

Television test patterns from around the world.

Slashdot Cringely Responses

Slashdot finally has the answers to readers’ questions for Robert X. Cringely (actually, they had them about two weeks ago, but somehow I missed them…).

Amazing World of Toast

Dr. Toast’s Amazing World of Toast, featuring toast recipes and Internet toast resources (with Dr. Toast’s rankings!).

Am I Going Down?

Am I Going Down will calculate the odds of “personally experiencing full loss equivalency” (i.e. dying) in an airline crash. You select your departure/arrival country and airport, airline, type of aircraft and month of travel. For example, the chances of dying while flying from Liechtenstein to El Salvador in August are 1 in 453,500, while […]

Y2K Almost Back

After a LONG hiatus, After Y2K is about to return – here’s a sneek peek trailer.


E-Quill is a neat idea – not to mention some great programming! Mark-up only works in IE 5 (for now), but anyone with a version 4+ browser can view the marked-up pages. Here’s an example of this page with my scribblings.

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