The Internet Archive Movie Collection

The Internet Archive (the folks who brought us the Wayback Machine), also has a movie collection with almost 1000 films online, mostly focused on everyday life, culture, industry and institutions of 20th century North America. Basically, it’s a collection of those films you had to sit through in school when the teacher didn’t feel like […]

Howdy Neighbors!

Jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring neighbours. » to the left of me: Maggie. » to the right of me: Krisis.

History of Video Games

The History of Video Games – from 1889 to today.

Wired Ice Worms

Ice worms make it into Wired!


LEGODEATH: A Museum of Horrors.

New Paintings

I finally got caught up on Michele’s web site, adding four new paintings: E7 &amp Muskmelon, Jo’s Brushes, Weathered Friends, and Room 829.


Behind the scenes info on Apple’s infamous 1984 commercial, and how it almost didn’t happen. (by the way, yesterday was the 18th birthday of the Macintosh)

555 Phone Directory

Still more proof that some people have way too much free time: 555 phone directory.

Andy Ihnatko’s CWOB

Andy Ihnatko has been my favorite geek writer for a LONG time, so I’m surprised I hadn’t found his site, Colossal Waste Of Bandwidth until now. I especially like his description of a geek’s encounter with airport security.

Museum of Online Museums

The Museum of Online Museums, with links to such classics as NASA’s Technical Diagrams and Drawings, Manhole Covers by Country, or the Museum of Soviet Calculators.

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