Custom Printed M&M’s

A while back, I wrote about the fact that you could order customized M&M’s by selecting from 21 different colors to produce your own blend. Well, now you can add custom printing as well, with two lines of up to 8 characters each, and you can include two separate messages if you like.

ASIMO Video Clips

Honda Dreamers TV (HDTV) has some video clips of the new ASIMO, including the announcement, shaking hands, and one of ASIMO running.

Next-Generation ASIMO

Honda has announced their next-generation ASIMO humanoid robot, with posture control that allow it to run at up to 3 km/hr, improved autonomous maneuvering, and enhanced visual and force sensor technologies for smoother interaction with people (allowing it to allowing it to give or receive an object, or shaking hands). They have also update the […]