Hubble Heritage Project

I’m not sure why, but just about everything I’m finding to post these days is astronomy/space related. Oh well, here’s the Hubble Heritage Project with high quality pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I can spend hours browsing through the archives of the Astronomy Picture of the Day!

NEAR’s Last Day

Tomorrow is NEAR’s last day – It’s been an interesting year! First of all, it’s pretty amazing that they were able to get the thing into orbit around 433 Eros at all, and landing on the surface is a pretty astounding finish.

Martian Craters

Running SETI@home is a nice passive way to help out with a scientific investigation, but if you want to put out a little more effort you can join NASA’s experimental Clickworkers project and help classify Martian craters.

Io over Jupitor

I really love this image of Io with the clouds of Jupitor as a backdrop from the Cassini Imaging Team.

NEAR’s Landing on Eros 433

OK, I’ll admit that I’m starting to get pretty excited about Monday’s attempted landing of the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft on the surface of asteroid Eros 433. Today they have a great animated sequence of the landing on their site. If NASA pulls off the gently, bouncing landing depicted in the movie, it will be quite […]

Troubles at Blogger

And then there was one – troubles over in Blogger land.

Pixelpalooza 2001

The entries for Pixelpalooza 2001 are in over at The Iconfactory. I can never get enough icons (or fonts)…