Challenger Anniversary

Perhaps the Super Bowl got in the way of this getting more widespread attention, but January 28th was the 15th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Playstation 2 Box for Sale

Amazing! This guy actually pulled off selling his empty Playstation 2 box on eBay for $425. I guess the buyer didn’t read the description carefully…


This week’s router configuration and denial of service troubles at Microsoft lend to an interesting discover at work. Employees started calling, complaining about a LONG delay whenever they started Internet Explorer. A quick look at the proxy server logs showed that, at startup, IE attempts to download a 1-pixel transparent GIF image (hence the delay […]

100th Anniversary of Wireless Transmission

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi’s first ever long-distance wireless transmission from the Isle of Wight to Cornwall on the British mainland.


The mailing list Michele subscribes to occasionally gets hit with one of those alarming warnings from a well-meaning member which, invariably, turns out to be a hoax. I always go to Hoaxbusters to show her the real story…

Happiest Geek on Earth

Here’s a nice article on Cory Doctorow: “happiest geek on Earth” and OpenCola (otherwise known as “Cows Orbiting at Low Altitude”). Son of Napster???

Stopping Light

A while back I posted an article about how a Danish physicist slowed the speed of light to 38 mph. We’ll she’s outdone herself by completely stopping light, storing it, then restarting it. The work has been independently verified by another team of researchers as well.


Researchers at the University of North Carolina have built a nanoManipulator that allows you to “see” and move nanometer-size stuff (like viruses or strands of DNA), complete with force feedback that lets you “feel” the objects. Here’s another article summarizing the nanoManipulator if you don’t feel like reading quite as much.

SETI@Home: Massively Distributed Computing

The IEEE Computer Society has an article titled SETI@Home: Massively Distributed Computing for SETI that provides a nice description of how the project works.

Newest Paintings

Finally caving in to the harassment of her friends, I’ve updated Michele’s site with her two most recent paintings: A Silenced Voice and Teapots & Strawberries .

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