More New Paintings

Once again, I’ve fallen behind in updating Michele’s web site. Her three most recent works continue her transition from transparent watercolors to gouache: The Conversation, Consequences and The Supper Club.

Print Your Own Money

Monopoly money that is… the Monopoly site over at Hasbro has Monopoly money in PDF format that you can print yourself.

The Elegant Universe on PBS

Brian Greene’s book on superstring theory, The Elegant Universe has been made into a three-part series on PBS which will begin on October 28. The program site also has an interesting interview with Greene.

Sony’s QRIO Robot

Building on their AIBO techology, SONY decided to create a ‘partner’ that talks to you and plays with you: the QRIO robot walks on two legs, recovers from falls, dances, recognizes people’s faces and voices, and talks. UPDATE: New movies showing the QRIO running, throwing a ball and dancing in unison.