With the release of Konfabulator for Windows, I’ve been tinkering around with building a few widgets of my own. I’d like to be able to monitor the servers and systems I take care of, and to quickly be able to see when there’s a problem requiring my attention. I’ll probably also take a look at […]

Power Outages and Lessons Learned

We tend to have a lot of power outages here in Anchorage – sometimes due to wet, heavy snow, but more frequently it’s from colliding weather systems sending strong winds down the mountains (often 100 mph or greater). There didn’t seem to be anything that severe last week, but I noticed the lights flickering and […]


Amazon‘s new search project, A9, is definitely intriguing. Apparently, it uses Google search results tied-in with related Amazon books and Google Adwords. But more than anything, I’m interested in some of the user interface goodies they’ve implemented, like the resizable columns and the site info pop-ups. Of course, the controversial feature will be the search […]

USB Christmas Tree Light

Just in time for Christmas Tomato Chip has a USB-powered Christmas Tree Light to brighten up your desk. Unfortunately, the model that plays music is out of stock.

SpamNet for Outlook Express

There is finally has a beta version of Cloudmark’s Spamnet for Outlook Express available for trial (previously, only Outlook was supported). So far, SpamNet has caught over 17,000 spam messages on my system. If you happen to download it, be sure to give them my referral code “r705hl”.

20 Years of Windows

On November 10, 1983 Microsoft Corporation formally announced Microsoft Windows. The scary thing is, I member seeing the announcement on the news (I must be getting REALLY old). Windows 1.0 finally shipped two years later on November 20, 1985.

Google Deskbar

The latest toy from the folks at Google Deskbar which allows you to search from within any application via the Windows taskbar. I especially like being able to use the Google Calculator feature from the Deskbar for quick calculations.

Pixel Fonts

Some nice pixel fonts from Cal Henderson.

JavaScript Search

Looking for JavaScript for handling mouseovers or cookies? JavaScript 2 claims to search the top JavaScript libraries with over 8,000 free scripts.

PostScript Web Server

Anders Karlsson has created a web server written in PostScript. Obviously a Swede with too much free time on his hands!

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