God angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ rule.

Disturbance in the Force?

Did the Global Consciousness Project detect a disturbance in the Force on September 11?

Deep Space 1

The first images are now available from Deep Space 1’s encounter with Comet Borrelly.

Paper Darts

Eye protection required! Paper darts look fun, but dangerous….

Paper Replica of Bill Gates’ House

Make your own paper replica of Bill Gates’ house!

The Right to Read

The Right to Read – I don’t always agree with Richard Stallman, but this story sheds a lot of light on the situation we might find ourselves in if the current efforts of the software and music industries, as well as the government, succeed.

Don’t Duck and Cover

Is duck and cover the wrong thing to do?? Because I live in an extremely earthquake-prone area (as well as the events of last week) I found this information on how to survive a collapsed building very interesting.

Deep Space 1

NASA’s Deep Space 1 probe has successfully completed its pass-by of comet Borrelly – pictures should be arriving over the next few days.

What to do…

What to do if your plane is hijacked.

Project Apollo Archive

Getting up before dawn to watch a Mercury, Gemini or Apollo launch (and skipping school if necessary!) was a significant part of my childhood, so I was thrilled to find The Project Apollo Archive with its fantastic collection of information, audio & video clips, and images (including my favorite) from all of the Apollo missions.

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