New Hubble Images

Fantastic new photos from the Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) which was installed last month during the Space Shuttle’s Servicing Mission 3B. I was showing these pictures to Michele and she just asked me why I hadn’t become an astronomer. I didn’t have a good answer…

Something to do in your spare time

Download the Internet.

A Reason to Visit Plano?

Having lived in Plano, Texas for a few years, this is one of the few reasons I would consider returning for a visit.

Baby Elephants!

Did I ever say that I love baby elephants? I need to remember to go see Hansa at the Woodland Park Zoo the next time I’m in Seattle.

Paper Currency

Everything you’ll ever want to know about paper currency at Ron Wise’s World Paper Money Homepage, including scans of over 7,000 different bank notes.

Barbie’s Creator

Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie and co-founder of Mattel, died today at the age of 85. I’ll always remember the day I saw my first naked Barbie in the first grade…

Space Food Sticks

Back by popular demand – Space Food Sticks!!

Prime Number Pooping Bear

Alkulukuja Paskova Karhu – the prime number pooping bear!

Chase Cringely

I can’t tell you how sad the death of Bob Cringely’s 74-day old son made me, and how much I hope his fight against SIDS succeeds…

Megnut and Jason in Anchorage

Meg Hourihan and Jason Kottke are in Anchorage this week for a symposium. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until it was too late to sign up, but perhaps I’ll run into them on the street…

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