Google Toolbar 2.0 Beta

The folks at Google have release a beta of the Google Toolbar 2.0, with new features like pop-up blocking, form auto-fill, and a BlogThis button for Blogger users. So far, I’m very impressed by the pop-up blocker – it’s seems to be catching the one I don’t want and hasn’t interfered with a number of […]

Homeland Security Choker Set

Want to do your part to protect our nation? With the Homeland Security Chokers (made of Plexiglas and Sterling Silver) “you can finally express your own Personal Level of Security or Insecurity”.

.com at 20

June 23 marks the 20th anniversary of the Domain Name System (DNS), created by the late Jon Postel and Paul Mockapetris to translate between numerical IP addresses and the names we’ve all grown to know so well.

Danny Goodman’s latest book

Danny Goodman has always been one of my favorite computer book authors, and his latest book, JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook , is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can’t tell you how many times his Dynamic HTML and JavaScript Bible books have saved my butt.


The official String Theory Web Site.

Telephone Technology

Everything you’d ever want to know about telephones is available on the telephone technology page – and I mean EVERYTHING.

25 Years of x86

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the x86 CPU. On this day in 1978 Intel introduced the 5MHz 8086. The original 8086 was built with 29,000 transistors, compared to today’s 3GHz Pentium 4 processor with about 100 million transistors (and approximately 600 times faster than the 8086). Intel has sold over 1 billion x86-family processors.

SETI@home Signal Candidates

After nearly four years of processing, SETI@home selected 227 of their top candidate signals for re-examination, and they’ve published a list of the 7000 users (out of more 4.5 million users) who had processed one of the candidate signals – here’s mine.

More Paintings

Once again, I’d fallen behind in keeping Michele’s web site up to date… Her 3 latest paintings The Piano, Inconsequential, and Sante Fe Floral have now been added to the site.