Love these fonts

Love these fonts.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher of Star Trek TNG) has a weblog. How many other former child actors learn HTML??


I’ve noticed that the number of visitors to this site has been increasing lately. At first I thought it must be due to the high-quality(?) content found here, but then sanity kicked in, and I realized it’s because I’ve dropped to the bottom of the SETI@home top 1000 home user statistics. I’d like to thank […]


<errorwear&gt offers extremely geeky T-shirts with PC, Mac and HTTP error messages.


The image gallery over at spaceimaging.com has a great collection of hi-resolution satellite pictures, including an image of the week.

New Paintings

I’ve added two new paintings to Michele’s web site: Checkmate II and Diner at Dawn Series – The Fan.

Lego Monty Python

Monty Python & the Holy Grail produced with the LEGO Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set. They also have Jurassic Bark and other films.

Salmon Recipe

A recipe that every Alaskan should have at their fingertips: dishwasher salmon with a piquant dill sauce – from the surreal gourmet (be sure to take a look at the recipe for seizure salad too!).

Send Your Name to Mars

Send your name to Mars – you can add you name to a CD that NASA will send with the Mars Exploration Rover-2003 mission.

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