SpamNet for Outlook Express

There is finally has a beta version of Cloudmark’s Spamnet for Outlook Express available for trial (previously, only Outlook was supported). So far, SpamNet has caught over 17,000 spam messages on my system. If you happen to download it, be sure to give them my referral code “r705hl”.

How LEGOS Are Made

An interactive tour of a LEGO factory.

20 Years of Windows

On November 10, 1983 Microsoft Corporation formally announced Microsoft Windows. The scary thing is, I member seeing the announcement on the news (I must be getting REALLY old). Windows 1.0 finally shipped two years later on November 20, 1985.

Comment Spam

Like so many others, I’ve been hit quite a bit lately by blog comment spam, so I finally took a few minutes to install Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin (and the associated Comment Spam Clearinghouse blacklist). It has dramatically simplified the process of cleaning out the increasing number of existing spam comments (all having links to […]

Google Deskbar

The latest toy from the folks at Google Deskbar which allows you to search from within any application via the Windows taskbar. I especially like being able to use the Google Calculator feature from the Deskbar for quick calculations.

Pixel Fonts

Some nice pixel fonts from Cal Henderson.