Extra Life

Everyone who’s ever played video games needs to thank the man who invented the extra life.


Do you find the Internet too hard to use? I know I do. We’ll here’s the perfect service for you! Just call iNetNow at their toll-free number and tell them what you want to find – they do a search and read the answers to you over the phone. The first three months are free, […]

OverWhelmingly Large Telescope

Some folks are busy planning the OWL (OverWhelmingly Large) Telescope, a football field-sized (100 meter) telescope to be ready in 2016. I like big thinkers.

Browser Share Stats

The data collected by StatMarket shows that Internet Explorer now holds 86% of the browser market – I guess designing for the Web is getting a little easier (sigh…).

Michele’s Latest Painting

I’ve added Michele’s latest painting, The Long Journey, to her web site.

The Stinkymeat Project

The Stinkymeat Project reminds me of when I was a kid and would find stuff like this laying around in somebody’s back yard … I think I’m gonna gag…

Donald Knuth

I don’t have many heroes, but Donald Knuth is definitely one of them. I bought my copy of Fundamental Algorithms in 1973, and I’m still reading. I especially like his little side trip (10 years) to write TeX and METAFONT.


I’ve always been a fan of short films and animation (I spent a lot of time watching MTV’s Liquid TV), I think I’m going to like IFILM. So far I like 405 and Safetyman.

Star Wars Telnet

If you use telnet, you need a copy of Useless Telnet. It displays its output like the scrolling text at the beginning of Star Wars.

LavaLamp-Generated Random Numbers

LavaLamp-generated random numbers – I always wondered what the folks at SGI have been doing lately…

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