Jeff’s CodeZone

Jeff and I have been working on updating the design of his CodeZone site – it’s almost ready for all of you cheaters 🙂

The Amazing Randi

I really admire James Randi and his 30-year effort to debunk claims of the “paranormal, pseudoscientifc and the supernatural”. His weekly opinion is great reading, and his offer of “one million dollars in negotiable bonds waiting to be awarded to any individual or individuals who provide evidence under proper observing conditions of any psychic, supernatural, […]

How Stuff Works

I had forgotten how much I like How Stuff Works. Reading the question of the day can make your seem really smart to all your friends, or a little less stupid.

Exo-Skeletor Flying Vehicle

When I was a kid I would have given anything to own a SoloTrek XFV Exo-Skeletor Flying Vehicle, but now I can only think of how many ways you could die flying one of those things.

WAP Browser Emulator

At the other end of the timeline… Here’s a WAP browser emulator you can use to see how your page will look on a cell phone.

Browser Emulator

Remember the “good old days”? has a timeline of the Web and a browser emulator that allows you to see how web pages would look in old versions of browsers (including the Cern line-mode browser and NCSA Mosaic 0.9).