The Neighbors

While exploring the Professional Cartoonists Index mentioned in my last posting I ran across the link to the cartoons of David Horsey. Long ago, while attending the University of Washington I lived in a house off campus, and David lived in the house next door along with a couple of other students, Peter Rinearson and Charlie Cross, who all worked on The Daily, the University’s student newspaper.

David was awarded the 1999 Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning.

Peter won a 1984 Pulitzer prize for feature writing, co-authored Bill Gates’ first book, The Road Ahead, and is now a corporate vice president at Microsoft .

Charlie went on to become the editor of The Rocket, a highly regarded Northwest music and entertainment magazine, and has authored 4 books: Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain, Nevermind: Nirvana, Backstreets Spingsteen: The Man and His Music, and Led Zeppelin: Heaven and Hell: An Illustrated History.

Posted on February 4, 2003
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